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Set 1 Misc 4 by Hylas. See Variations A-K. - Set 1 Misc 4

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  • - Monday 7 August 2006 17:20
    [b]Nice building sets![/b] What do you use to create these? Too bad they're personal use only :(.
  • - Monday 7 August 2006 19:24
    [b]Ditto[/b] Yeah, I noticed all the roof objects have that restriction.
    : (
  • - Wednesday 9 August 2006 07:28
    [b]Let us know[/b] Yeah personal use means that there are restrictions to using them. If you really don't care what we use them for, then we can just take that Personal Use message off :)
    Either you can edit each upload and take it off or Steel or Myself can do it for you. Let us know. Great stuff btw!
  • - Wednesday 9 August 2006 09:36
    [b]Personal Use[/b] It's obviously up to the image owner to choose, I just think these could be useful to someone making maps for RPG products.

    Hylas, are you open to requests for commercial use?

    The problem for me is now I have to somehow keep the personal separate from the commercial ;)