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Set1Church1_Hy.png Set1Misc3ThumbnailsGStar1wSHPurDmSet1Misc3ThumbnailsGStar1wSHPurDmSet1Misc3ThumbnailsGStar1wSHPurDmSet1Misc3ThumbnailsGStar1wSHPurDmSet1Misc3ThumbnailsGStar1wSHPurDmSet1Misc3ThumbnailsGStar1wSHPurDmSet1Misc3ThumbnailsGStar1wSHPurDm

Set 1 Misc buildings by Hylas. Church. - Set 1 Misc buildings by Hylas. Church.
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In Dundjinni scale the image to 150% for the tile size to match the other buildings in Set 1. I am still learning the scale features of the application this roof top was built in.