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Evanlan-Underground-Bad-Tim.jpg Evanlan-Underground-Good-TiThumbnailsEvanlan-Manor-Time-BEvanlan-Underground-Good-TiThumbnailsEvanlan-Manor-Time-BEvanlan-Underground-Good-TiThumbnailsEvanlan-Manor-Time-BEvanlan-Underground-Good-TiThumbnailsEvanlan-Manor-Time-BEvanlan-Underground-Good-TiThumbnailsEvanlan-Manor-Time-B

Evanlan Manor is actually a four-part map, each of which interlocks with the others however the GM might wish to use it.

This map intentionally combines with the others to form the same estate shown at two very different times, once in ruin and once when quite untouched by time. In the present, it is ruined and full of suitably dangerous debris. However, a few choice spots have been deliberately spared the destruction. These spots seem to be untouched by time.

In the past, the manor is an immense estate which can readily be populated by the NPCs whose fates left it in such a ruined state in the present.

The underground section includes a wine cellar (mysteriously untouched by time) and a ruined room for the a few guards to crash in with a few dungeon cells. In the present, the unfortunate prisoners have been reduced to bleached bones.

On a square grid, a size of 40 squares by 60 squares on the main house and ten by ten on the basement will set all orthogonal walls to align with your grid. This should look just about right for a game of PFRPG or D&D. On a hex grid, a 5' hex should scale the setup for human-sized occupants.

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