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Modular Starship by ProBono.

Modules are sized for printing on A4 paper, with the most recent modules being 740 by 1000pixels.

15mm Users NOTE: half A4 is A5 -you can save ink by printing two at half size on one sheet for your smaller figures!

Starcraft are built of two or more modules: Bow Waist (could have zero to several sections) Engine Central modules, if used, could be rotated 180degrees for more variety.

Modules are joined "up and down" by 2 hatches. For those wishing to expand their vessels into "Y" or other shapes, use the Linker units provides. Linkers allow "left" and "right" expansions. There are also Elevator (lift) linkers to upper and lower decks. These can either be standard modules or Dorsal units such as upper turrets or conning towers etc. Dorsal units only link via the lifts.

Circular or ring starbases can be made with a line of Middle modules. If characters leave the topmost module they enter at the bottom module! More modules will be added in time. An overview "contact sheet" will eventually be added. Please feel free to make comments or even requests!

+++ Ground base RAPID DEPLOYMENT STATION now added thanks to Uncle Servo.

+++ --- Made in Dunjinni with extra art from Dunjinni forums, RpgMapshare, CSUAC.