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For Probono's Dungeon Tiles. DOWNLOAD LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM!


This is a set of 6x6 squares, 1200x1200 pixel png tiles.

There are basic shapes and more detailed areas. Some rooms are isolated, you decide how to get to them (through a drain, trap, magic teleport?)! Some Tiles are marked "Hall part". Use them to make large rooms with four corner tiles and zero or more side tiles. Several sample maps using them are in the Map Gallery. Note- png files are around 2 to 3mb, but if saved as jpeg are about 0.5mb, with trivial loss of detail.

CREDITS: Tiles were made 100% in Dundjinni map creating progam, with Paint.Net (free graphics program) used to crop the final tiles . Thanks to all the artists there and on RpgMapShare for their inspiration and contributions. Modding artists also use GIMP and PhotoShop.

You may use these tiles in your personal or commercial works, with the limitations below:

IMPORTANT: - You may not extract textures for use as stand alone items. - You must credit "CGTextures.com". [One or more textures in this pack have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.] It would be nice, but not required, to credit "ProBono", "Dundjinni.com", "RpgMapShare.com", and "Paint.Net".

+++Some tiles are marked "Additional artwork provided by GreyTale.com." Contact GreyTale if considering commercial use of those tiles.

+++ [GreyTale parts are in tiles 34, 49, 59, 75, 76, 88, 98, 125, 126, 132, 133, 136,141,242,269,272,274,275,276.] Enjoy! (ProBono 2012.)

EDIT: Tiles numbered 277 and higher are not in the mega-upload. They can be dowloaded individually and added to suitable folders.

NOTE - MEGA-DOWNLOAD - jpeg tiles 001 to 276 plus extras here: DUNGEON TILE SETS