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  • - Saturday 24 June 2006 00:59
    [b]Grave slabs[/b] All of those slabs came from photos I took of actual grave slabs in Scotland and Ireland. They are up on the Dundjinni site in the Fantasy Objects forum. Look for 'grave slabs'. If you get them be sure to get the latest set of zips as the early posts were pretty much works in progress.
    The mausoleum is also from the Dundjinni site but I don't know who made it.
  • - Saturday 24 June 2006 00:43
    [b]Very Nice![/b] The grave slabs look sweet! Where did you get them?
  • - Thursday 22 June 2006 11:41
    [b]Map Details[/b] I created another outdoor map for a quick random encounter. This one has a small camp in the center. Map was made with DundJinni with user created images.
  • - Thursday 22 June 2006 10:11
    [b]Good stuff[/b] These kinds of things are great timesavers for GMs needing a quick outdoor encounter. And without the grid it's good for use with virtual tabletops like Battlegrounds or MapTool.
  • - Thursday 22 June 2006 10:02
    [b]Map Details[/b] I quickly threw this map together with Dundjinni for a quick outdoor encounter.
  • - Thursday 22 June 2006 10:00
    [b]Map Details[/b] I quickly threw this map together for those who need a quick outdoor encounter map.