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  • - Tuesday 18 July 2006 23:05
    [b]Wow![/b] This came out REALLY cool!
  • - Tuesday 11 July 2006 09:20
    [b]WotC maps[/b] I thought all of Forgotten Realms was mapped, perhaps not detailed, but mapped.

    Still, I'm sure the names are copyrighted, and maybe you could use the names under the d20 license, I don't know. But as is, I don't think this can be used commercially.
  • - Thursday 6 July 2006 10:52
    [b]Looks good.[/b] Nice and simple. Though some GMs might not want the debris as a permanent part of the map, since it could be interacted with during game-play.
  • - Wednesday 5 July 2006 06:26
    [b]Love it but...[/b] Love the tile however you should probably take out the broken axe since we wouldn't want 60 broken axes in the room when we tile them all together :)
    [edit] Oops, I thought this was a tile. I didn't realize it was a map. Sorry about that! Love the details!
  • - Tuesday 4 July 2006 19:18
    [b]Great stuff![/b] OMG! Please do more poses of this! And if you can do a version without the orange shoulderpads, that'd be sweet, too.
  • - Monday 3 July 2006 15:30
    [b]Problem[/b] Heruca, the only problem I can see with distributing this with a pay item is that this is a representation of a WotC copyrighted map. I don't know if this is different enough from the original, but it contains original names as far as I know.
  • - Monday 3 July 2006 13:09
    [b]Changed owner[/b] Heruca, I made you the owner of this item, so you can edit the description if you like. You should get an email notification of this comment as well.
  • - Monday 3 July 2006 13:06
    [b]I know what you mean[/b] I really intended this as a very high level campaign map, not something you would necessarily add city or dock icons to, but a dot representing a city or place of interest, to be detailed in another map. I also inteded it as a really rugged jungle area, with no plains at all.

    This was an experiment. I supposed I should make a mock-up of how I envisioned it to be used in practice.
  • - Saturday 1 July 2006 13:26
    [b]Nice but..[/b] I love the map however, it would be nice to have plains areas for towns and such. I could actually use a map like this for a Xen'drik type jungle place but there isn't room for a dock or city along the shores because it is all "brush". I guess Photoshop could be used to produce flatter areas - maybe that was what you intended.

    Love the look of the map though when full size. Great Stuff!
  • - Saturday 1 July 2006 01:44
    [b]Variant[/b] This is a mod I made from Steel Rat's "Rogue02" figure.