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Custom character portraits are available for commission. I have a wide variety of characters and outfits available for just about any genre, and can customize many of them.



$10 for a single character portrait.
$15 for multiple portraits of a single character and top-down icons for use in virtual gaming.

Please use the Contact Form if interested. Payments can be made through Paypal.

  • 182771-pipe copper west 1x1182771-pipe copper west 1x1
  • 181859-wood debris 2 dark 1x1181859-wood debris 2 dark 1x1
  • 181857-wood debris 2 1x1181857-wood debris 2 1x1
  • 181855-wood debris 1 dark 1x1181855-wood debris 1 dark 1x1
  • 181853-wood debris 1 1x1181853-wood debris 1 1x1
  • 181851-stairs platform west dark 2x2181851-stairs platform west dark 2x2
  • 181849-stairs platform west 2x2181849-stairs platform west 2x2
  • 181847-stairs platform south dark 2x1181847-stairs platform south dark 2x1
  • 181845-stairs platform south 2x1181845-stairs platform south 2x1
  • 181843-stairs platform north dark 3x2181843-stairs platform north dark 3x2