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HESCO Black Ops Prison - HESCO Black Ops Prison

This base, made of twenty foot long haulage containers, can be carried on six black painted heavy-lift helicopters to any region. Indeed, as the guards travel inside the containers, they often have no idea of which desert they are in.
All containers, excluding the prison one, are fully air-conditioned for use as barracks and command centres. The Prison container can accommodate 36 prisoners if suitably layered.
Deniability - in the event of an "official" government visit, the prison container can be swiftly helicoptered to another location, or even far out to sea, leaving behind only a standard looking mortar Fire Support Base (FSB). Air holes in the container allow for fast sinking in deep water.
HESCO containers are wire / tarp foldout gabions that can be filled with sand to create rapid bulletproof walling.