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Thistletop Fortress and Briar Tunnels - with Grid

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Thistletop Fortress and Briar Tunnels - with Grid - This is a map of the goblin fortress atop Thistletop island (along with the goblin made briar tunnels on the main land). It is from Chapter 1 "Burnt Offerings" of Paizo Publishing's "Rise of the Runelord's" Adventure Path. Look for the accompanying file titled "The sea cave near Thistletop..." which you can overlay on top of this map to display the sea cave beneath the briar tunnels on the cliff. Also look for the file "Tree cover for Thistletop" which is meant to be the basis for building "room curtains" to cover and reveal each section of the briar tunnels during game play. I have also posted another version of this map without a grid.